The PNF Tech

Protects Massage Therapists while Relieving Pain for Clients

PNF Tech Therapy "How-To" Videos

PNF Tech Therapy establishes a profound interaction between therapist and client for the benefit of both. Enhanced Qi Gong methods, referred to as "PNF Qi Gong," protect the therapist while specialized massage techniques relieve a client's muscle pains. The following videos demonstrate how PNF Tech Therapy works.

Take a deeper look into PNF Tech by reading:
New Strategies for Pain Relief:  An Introduction to PNF Tech Therapy  
By Charles Soupios           
Order the book from:   Infinity Health     
Tongue Pulsing in PNF Tech Therapy--Can you explain why this works?

How to Loosen Your Neck and Shoulders with Tongue Pulsing in PNF Tech

PNF for the IT Band

PNF Tech for IT Band and Hamstrings

PNF Tech Quadricep Work for Knee Pain

PNF Tech for Psoas Muscles and Quadricep Group

PNF Tech to Relieve Shoulder & Neck Pain


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