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Protects Massage Therapists while Relieving Pain for Clients


What is PNF Therapy?

PNF stretching, or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, are terms which refer to time-honored methods for enhancing both active and passive ranges of motion, thereby improving motor performance to aid in rehabilitation. PNF Tech Therapy is believed to be based in the Kaya Kalp traditions as they were practiced in Tibet many centuries ago, and using these techniques with an open heart and love for all life is known to produce powerful results. The addition of Qi Gong methods allows for more protection and control of one's energy which is necessary in the field of massage for optimal energetic output.

Note: Kaya Kalp is an ancient Sanskrit term which means "rejuvenation" or "greening of the field." It holds a sacred vibration for healing and rejuvenation which is much needed in modern times.

The Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (MTIC) has just endorsed a new program started by Charles Soupios to help massage therapists learn how to avoid injuries, improve their massage techniques, and extend their careers. His book is entitled, New Strategies for Pain Relief: An Introduction to PNF Tech Therapy, and it can benefit your massage work with new ways to release your clients’ myofascia and relieve their muscle pains. PNF Tech protects your joints by cushioning them with your body’s own energy. The system offers advantages for clients and therapists alike. This exciting professional learning for massage therapists is now available for $29.99. Take your practice to the next level!

About the Book:

                                                                                                                The average career-span for most massage therapists is only 3-7 years because of injuries. To address that situation, Charles Soupios started teaching a class called ­“Qi Gong for Massage” in which student therapists learn how to work on clients without getting hurt. He has proven that injuries can be avoided by interacting with clients in a unique partnership which combines Qi Gong with self-activation methods to relieve painful muscles. Mr. Soupios has studied Qi Gong for 29 years, and he has integrated it into his massage practice with fantastic results. Now he is offering his insights in this well-researched book. Order your copy today.

For orders and shipping info contact Infinity Health:     , or call: 1-800-733-9293

In the Denver area the book is also available at Yan Jing supplies, 1441 York St. Denver, CO 80206


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