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Charles Soupios, LMT

My actual practice and development of massage techniques started long before I received formal training at the Massage Therapy Institute of  Colorado through my association with a Tai Chi teacher who is trained in Asian healing arts. In 2003 he saved both of my knees from replacement surgeries by using Tui Na and other massage modalities. Since my knees are now strong, and the doctors were obviously wrong, I decided to become his student.

This teacher was my only massage therapist during that period in which I also studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong with him. What I didn't know at the time was that he practiced a form of Tui Na which is not taught in American massage schools. It was developed to repair injuries which often occur in martial arts, and therefore he takes a no-nonsense approach to getting his students' muscles back into balance. The problem is it can be very painful for clients who are not acclimated to such arts, which is why I needed more training from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado so I could find a gentler approach to healing.

At MTIC I learned to add my Qi Gong and Tai Chi training to more conventional massage techniques, and eventually, I was able to help resurrect what is now called the PNF Tech Massage System. PNF Tech Therapy originally came from an ancient form of healing known as Kaya Kalp  which was practiced in Tibet and India many centuries ago. (I believe our form of this art actually hails from Tibet.) 

Today my most popular routines are chair massages using PNF Tech Therapy, These routines are especially helpful to office workers who suffer from tight rhomboids, head-forward postures, and other symptoms of "office worker syndrome." I try to practice these techniques with an open heart and love for all life as the healing masters of that era intended them to be practiced.

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